January 30, 2014

My 2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}


2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Finally, the 2014 version of my blogging planner is DONE! Thank you to those who have waited patiently for me to complete it! Of course, I wanted to share it with you all! This 80 page pdf file includes printable blogging pages for the entire 2014 calendar year! There are four different pages included for each month of planning plus some additional bonus planning pages!

2014 Blog Planner {FREE Printable}

Monthly Blog Calendar

The Monthly Blog Calendar is where I write my blog post titles on the date I plan to post. Once I have written and scheduled the post, I check it off the “Scheduled” box. The little boxes marked F, T, G, P are a reminder to share my blog posts via my social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Once the post is live, I simply check the appropriate box once I have shared it via social media.

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Monthly Blog Planning

The Monthly Blog Planning page includes two columns where I can keep up with Major Blog Posts to Write {Giveaways & Reviews to Complete / Link-ups to Participate it / Upcoming Holidays or Event to Post About} AND Blog Related To-DO List & Goals. There are boxes so that I can check off items as they are completed.

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Giveaways / Reviews

The Giveaways / Reviews page is where I record information about various reviews and giveaways that I post on my blog. I love that this allows me to have my giveaway and review notes all in one place!

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Blog Post Notes

The Blog Post Notes page is where I record notes and reminders about various non-giveaway/review blog posts. Again, it allows me to keep all of the information in one place. I printed multiples of this page for each month.

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Monthly Blog Statistics

The Monthly Blog Statistics page allows my to keep track of various blog related statistics each month, including: page views, unique visitors, RSS subscribers, email subscribers, and various social media followers.

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Future Blog Post Ideas

The Future Blog Post Ideas page is an entire page dedicated to all of the ideas for future blog posts floating around in my head. I check the ideas off as I complete them! I printed off multiples of this page.

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Year at a Glance Calendar

It is nice to have a Year at a Glance calendar to reference as I schedule blog posts. It just makes it easier to be able to plan ahead.

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}


The final page is for notes. I find that as I have blog related thoughts that I want to jot down, having some extra paper in the back dedicated to my random notes is very helpful! Plus, it is nice to have all my random blog notes all in one place…and not on various pieces of scrap paper all over the house! I printed multiples of this page and I made a pocket folder to hold loose papers.

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Daisies: A Different Color for Each Month

The Blogging Planner has a different color daisy for each month. I love all the color, but it also serves as a quick organizational help. For example, February is a pink daisy. So, I as I am thumbing through my planner, I can quickly know that if I see a pink daisy on the page, I am still looking at a February related planner page.

Preparing the Planner Together

I didn’t want to make the planner any bulkier than it had to be so I printed the pages front to back. I also printed multiples of some of the pages based on my blog planning needs. I obviously recommend that you print the planner in color. However, if you want to save ink, you can use the gray scale setting.

After printing the pages, I laminated the cover page so that it would be long lasting and durable and then trimmed off the excess laminating pouch.

Scotch Laminating Machine

Then I bound the pages and added a piece of cardstock for the back cover. You could easily 3-hole punch the pages and use a 3-ring binder, but I LOVE using my Proclick Binding Machine.

ProClick Binding Machine

Next to my laminator, my binding machine has got to be my absolute favorite homeschool tool! What I love most is that I can open the binding up and add in new pages if I need to later on!

2014 Blogging Planner {FREE Printable}

Ready to organize your blog ideas and plans?

Download my 2014 Blogging Planner right here!

(FYI…my Facebook followers got early access to my planner! They have had access to the planner for less over two weeks now! So, be sure to like my Facebook page so that you can get any insider info and early access to some of my printables!

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  • http://katbiggie.com/ Alexa

    Oh thank you! I was actually just wondering about this yesterday! I LOVED using this planner in 2013!

    • http://www.MamaJenn.com/blog Mama Jenn

      You are very welcome Alexa!

  • http://www.MamaJenn.com/blog Mama Jenn

    Thanks Lilly! So far I am loving my binder! My fave part is that I can easily add pages as needed!