September 1, 2012

Mama’s Mission of the Month: September 2012 {and Aug Accomplishments}


Welcome to Mama’s Mission of the Month! My hope is that this will help me {and you} follow through on some of the goals that we have set for the month! So, if you are a mama and you want to join in, check out the intro post! (If you have already read the rules, you can easily grab the buttons from the Buttons Tab on the top of the sidebar.)

Mission of the Month

August Mission Update:  We started up our school year this month and it has been a bit more time consuming and demanding than I had expected! I guess, having two kindergartners, two 2nd graders, and a 4th grader is a bit more work than I had expected. Plus, I have kinda changed how I “do” school with the kids which has resulted in more involvement on my part. But, I am loving it! Anyhow, I did fairly well with my missions…considering!


1. Get up before the kids everyday during the week so that I can exercise and have my prayer time/Bible reading time. My new/used treadmill off Craigslist has made exercising so much more “do-able.” The light bulb finally clicked on and I decided to add this to my 21 Days to Becoming chart rather than my list of monthly missions! FYI, I am struggling a bit with though because I find that I stay up way to late enjoying alone time {aka when the kids are fast asleep.)


2. Find a way to flirt with my hubby daily in spite of his busy work schedule!


3. Update the kid’s chore charts. Oh how I need to get this done! I am ready to relinquish some of my responsibilities to the kids! I had hoped to get this done before we started school, but better late than never, right!!

4. Make Give/Save/Spend pouches for the kids.

5. Finish reading Good and Angry:Exchanging Frustration for Character in you and your Kids. Almost done…


6. Complete lesson plans for the upcoming school year. What a relief! I always feel so much better about going into the school year with the year loosely planned out!

7. Purchase and organize all of the supplies needed for our projects, experiments, crafts, etc. Last year I had “planned” to do this, but never got around to doing it, which meant that we ended up skipping a lot of the fun, hands-on activities… because I didn’t have the needed supplies. Well, I am so glad that I won’t have that problem this year! I plan on sharing with you all how I organize all of our supplies this month as well!


8. Revamp my cards and restart the SHE Method. I love that I don’t have to “think” about all of the various “things” that I need to do at regularly throughout the day/week/month! FYI, I have printable cards that I plan to share this month.

9. Try making sour dough bread from a starter. I am so proud of my little container of starter sitting the the refrigerator. I’ve just got to find a sour dough bread recipe that I like! (I tried a few, but I am still looking for one that is soft and fluffy…like what my mom used to make!)

10. Clean and organize our school room.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:

11. Write 2 letters.

Blogging/Online Activity:

12. Begin to resurrect my other blogs. I have done some behind the scenes work and I hope to make more “visible” changes this month!

13. Write a new workbox post showing how we have changed up our old workbox system.


14. Update our budget again.

15. Complete 10 scrapbook pages.

Mission NOT Accomplished YET

My Mission for September 2012: 

Here is what I plan to accomplish this month:


1. Begin Pursuit of Proverbs 31. I am SO excited about this Bible study!

Pursuit of Proverbs 31 Bible Study


2. Flirt daily!


3. Update the kid’s chore charts.

4. Make Give/Save/Spend pouches for the kids.

5. Finish reading Good and Angry:Exchanging Frustration for Character in you and your Kids.


6. Have the kids write thank you letters to the firefighters that gave us an impromptu tour of the fire station.

7. Finish making the Bible printables to coordinate with our curriculum.

8. Complete another African American history unit.


9. Meal Planning…as much as I have fought the idea, I have GOT to just sit down and do this! Honestly, I am sick and tired of answering the question, “What are we having for dinner, mom?” with the answer, “I don’t know.”

10. Mend clothes. I have a huge stack of the kid’s clothes that need to be mended and I need to widdle it down before the kids run out of clothes to wear!

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:

11. Write 2 letters.

12. Update and add to my family/friend birthday list.

Blogging/Online Activity:

13. Continue to resurrect my other blogs.

14. Share the cards that I made to use along with the SHE Method.

15. Write a new workbox post showing how we have changed up our old workbox system.


16. Complete 10 scrapbook pages.

17. Frame and hang some of the kid’s artwork.

What is your September mission of the month?

If you participated last month, how did you do?

Feel free to link up and share! It is a great way to hold yourself accountable! Need a visual reminder of your monthly missions? Download the Mama’s Mission of the Month Checklist!Mama's Mission of the Month Checklist

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  • Erin Dean

    Wow. You buy all the supplies for experiments, crfts and whatnot at the beginning of the school year? I am in awe of your organizing skills.

  • Jana

    Oh yes, I’m a former SHE. Haven’t gotten back on track since we moved. As always, I’m looking forward to those printables! :-)

  • Heather Mott

    This post is down right hilarious. Love a blogger who just throws it out there and tells the truth. Love reading about your daily challenges and fun. You are an inspiration.