August 2, 2012

Mama’s Mission of the Month: August 2012 {and July Accomplishments}


Welcome to Mama’s Mission of the Month! My hope is that this will help me {and you} follow through on some of the goals that we have set for the month! So, if you are a mama and you want to join in, check out the intro post! (If you have already read the rules, you can easily grab the buttons from the Buttons Tab on the top of the sidebar.)

Mission of the Month

July Mission Update:  It has been a busy month for me! We have had lots of summer fun, including a huge two week vacation to see family we haven’t seen in years! So, in all honesty, I am kind of surprised that I was able to get as much done as I did!

1. Continue getting up before the kids everyday during the week so that I can exercise and have my prayer time/Bible reading time. For the most part I did really well with this! Yay for FINALLY being a little more consistent!! Now, if I can only keep it up! LOL!!

2. Complete 10 scrapbook pages. Ughhh…am I ever going to mark this off? LOL!!


3. Go on two more date nights! We only got in one date night…if you only count dates outside of the house! LOL!


4. Make Give/Save/Spend pouches for the kids.

5. Plan fun activities into my and the kids daily schedule. Ooohhh, I’ve got something in the works for this! I’ll share it with you all soon!


6. Begin planning and preparing to use The Discipleship Curriculum. We are planning to start school on Aug 13th and I am excited to start using this curriculum!

Learn Christ Discipleship Curriculum


7. Try making sour dough bread from a starter. When I decided to do this, I conveniently forgot that we were going to be out of town for two weeks…so not being around to feed a starter would not have gone over so well! LOL!

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:

8. Write 2 letters.

9. Plan another movie night under the stars with friends! We had the best intentions, but it didn’t end up working out!

Blogging/Online Activity:

10. Finish transferring all of my printable files over from 4shared to my site.  Aside from a few Bible verses, I think I have it all done. If you happen to notice something else that needs to be transferred, please let me know!

11. Update my printable page to include ALL of my free printables. I think it is all up to date now. However, if you notice something that I forgot to add, please let me know!

Mission NOT Accomplished YET

My Mission for August 2012: 

I feel like summer is beginning to wind down and I am really looking forward to the upcoming school year! I am thrilled that all three of my older kids will be using My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks TOGETHER!!!! That means a little less lesson planning for me and a lot more learning time together! So, while I will be busy planning and getting ready for the upcoming school year, I have decided to keep it somewhat simple. Here is what I hope to accomplish this month:


1. Continue getting up before the kids everyday during the week so that I can exercise and have my prayer time/Bible reading time. My new/used treadmill off Craigslist has made exercising so much more “do-able.” The light bulb finally clicked on and I decided to add this to my 21 Days to Becoming chart!

21 Days to Becoming


2. Find a way to flirt with my hubby daily in spite of his busy work schedule!


3. Update the kid’s chore charts.

4. Make Give/Save/Spend pouches for the kids.

5. Finish reading Good and Angry:Exchanging Frustration for Character in you and your Kids.


6. Complete lesson plans for the upcoming school year.

7. Purchase and organize all of the supplies needed for our projects, experiments, crafts, etc. My goal is to have everything I need ahead of time so that I have no excuse for skipping any activities!


8. Revamp my cards and restart the SHE Method. I want to start the school year off a little more organized!

9. Try making sour dough bread from a starter.

10. Clean and organize our school room.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:

11. Write 2 letters.

Blogging/Online Activity:

12. Begin to resurrect my other blogs.

13. Participate in the 2012 Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop hosted by the iHomeschool Network.

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop 2012

14. Write a new workbox post showing how we have revamped our old workbox system shown below.

Our Workbox System


15. Update our budget again.

16. Complete 10 scrapbook pages. Umm, I really do plan to be able to mark this one off this month! LOL!

What is your August mission of the month?

If you participated last month, how did you do?

Feel free to link up and share! It is a great way to hold yourself accountable! Need a visual reminder of your monthly missions? Download the Mama’s Mission of the Month Checklist!Mama's Mission of the Month Checklist

For more information on how to join in, please read the intro post. The linky will be open until midnight, August 5th.

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  • Clajgray

    Hi Mama Jenn! I’m new to your site, but I love it so far!
    You have some awesome missions for August – I love the “flirt with your husband one”….that’s awesome!

  • Mama Jenn

    Thanks! My hubby likes that one too! LOL!!!

  • Kristen Carrier

    Sorry, the first link I submitted was wrong. I took July off and now I’m back!! I love the new printables!!

  • Kristen Carrier

    The first link I submitted is wrong! I took July off and I’m back for August – love the new printables!!

  • Tami @

    I really like the way you categorize your goals and do it for the entire month. You did great in July and I love your positive attitude! I’m sharing my goals on my blog.

  • Rebecca Bomgardner

    Ah, scrapbooking…I forgot about that hobby amidst all of the rest of life – good goal! :-)

  • Genyne Sykes

    Hi Jenn!

    I missed your linky deadline, but I still set some goals! I’ll catch up with you guys next month!

    You are such an inspiration!

  • Mama Jenn

    Thanks for your kind words girlfriend!

  • Mama Jenn

    Yeah, scrapbooking has been on my “list” for a few months now…and I still have yet to mark it off! LOL!