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April 30, 2012

Mission of the Month: May 2012 {and April Accomplishments}


Welcome to Mama’s Mission of the Month! My hope is that this will help me {and you} follow through on some of the goals that we have set for the month! So, if you are a mama and you want to join in, check out the intro post! (If you have already read the rules, you can easily grab the buttons from the Buttons Tab on the top of the sidebar.)

Mission of the Month

April Mission Update: I had a lot on my list and no, I didn’t get it all done. But, I did make good progress!

1. Continue getting up before the kids during the week to have my devotion and prayer time. (This means well before 7am.) I did great with this until we went on a mini family vacation! I am still trying to get back in the groove!

2. Diligently work on memorizing scripture. I started the 40 Days in the Word Bible Study which is all about memorizing scripture!

3. Finish reading Sun Stand Still: What Happen When You Dare to Ask God for the Impossible and praying about my Page 23 Vision.

4. Complete 10 scrapbook pages.


5. Remember to flirt with my hubby everyday.


6. Read The 5 Love Languages of Children. I am LOVING this book! Don’t worry I have a review and giveaway coming up this month!

7. Continue to implement and discipline using The Child-Training Bible. This is ongoing, but I love the fruit from this process!


8. Go to my very first homeschool convention! Why oh why has it taken me 5 years to do this! It was awesome…though I was a bit overwhelmed!

9. Make the final decisions for our 2012-2013 curriculum. I will share, hopefully soon!

10. Continue to evolve and improve our new daily schedule. It is slowly but surely coming along!


11. Plant our garden.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:

12. Write 2 letters.

13. Decide on a ministry opportunity for my kids.


14. Go back through Financial Peace Revisited and evaluate where we are in the process. 

Blogging/Online Activity:

15. Implement my new printable and begin writing and scheduling blog posts at least one week in advance. I LOVE my new Blogging Planner! Not to worry, I WILL be sharing it soon!

16. Continue to stick with my new schedule for online activity.

17. Finish transferring all of my printable files over from 4shared to my site.   Working on it, but I still have quite a few left!

18. Format and figure out the new timeline on my Mama Jenn Facebook page and Education Cubes Facebook page. I did Mama Jenn…still need to do Education Cubes!

Mission NOT Accomplished YET

My Mission for May 2012: 


1. Get up before the kids during the week to have my devotion and prayer time everyday this month.

2. Memorizing four Bible verses. 

3. Complete 10 scrapbook pages.


4. Keep flirting!


5. Finish The 5 Love Languages of Children.


6. Begin incorporating African American history.


7. Replace a few of the plants in the garden that have already died.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:

8. Write 2 letters.

9. Decide on a ministry opportunity for my kids.

Blogging/Online Activity:

10. Share my new blogging planner.

11. Finish transferring all of my printable files over from 4shared to my site.

12. Format the new timeline on my Education Cubes Facebook page. 

What is your May mission(s) of the month?

If you participated last month, how did you do?

Feel free to link up and share! It is a great way to hold yourself accountable! For more information on how to join in, please read the intro post. The linky will be open until midnight, May 5th.

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  • Rebecca

    LOVE your list! I need to jump on board….and write down my goals again!

  • JuRita Buckout

    Jen.. thank you for being inspiring! love you!

  • Jana

    Thanks for hosting and can’t wait to see your Blogging Planner. Please, do share! hehe

  • Mama Jenn

    I WILL!! ;-) Hopefully next week!!!

  • Tracey

    I definitely can’t wait to see your blogging planner as I am in dire need of one. Hope to link-up someday soon. I need to hold myself accountable and this could help. LOL. Thank you.