April 27, 2012

Math Games {Family Game Night}


Welcome to Day 10 of 10 Days of Math Games & Activities! Although this is the final day of the series, I will continue sharing lots of fun, hands-on math games and activities to utilize with your children or students! This last post is a collection of “math” games that you could use for a family game night!

Math Games for Family Game Night

The first set of “math” games are from our own collection of games and the second set includes math games we WANT to own!

Math Games We Own:

Math Games we WANT to Own:

The series may be over, but I still have lots more to share! Make sure you don’t miss a thing by getting connected! This post is part of the 10 Days of…Series hosted by the iHomeschool Network!

10 Days of Math Games & Activities

Day 1: Making Equations {Addition & Subtraction} Math Game

Day 2: Number Line Addition & Subtraction Math Game

Day 3: Guess the Coins Math Game

Day 4: Roll Hundreds & Roll Thousands {Place Value Math Game}

Day 5: Living Math Books: Reading as a Math Activity

Day 6: Circle Subtraction Math Game

Day 7: Grid Multiplication Math Game

Day 8: Making it Whole {Fractions Game}

Day 9: Off the Grid {Addition & Subtraction Game}

Day 10: Math Games {Family Game Night}

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  • Corrie_sandefer

    My kids are 5, 3, 1, and newborn. Can you talk about how to start teaching children to play games? Every time we’ve attemped to bring out candyland or something similar it has to be by the 5 yo rules and she has to win or she cries and makes it no fun for anyone. Any suggestions?

  • Brandigandy

    LOVE Equate, Set and Quip. I used them in my classroom all the time. Set and Quip are awesome for when there are a few random minutes left in class. Set has an overhead version that is perfect for class play.

  • http://www.mama-jenn.blogspot.com/ Mama Jenn

    It can be tough playing board games with younger children. We occasionally have to have conversations about being a gracious winner and an even better loser. Every so often we have to “ban” a player so that everyone else can have fun. Usually the “exiled player” {LOL} comes back with a better attitude and is able to play with the family again!

  • http://www.mama-jenn.blogspot.com/ Mama Jenn

    Thanks for the insight! They are both on my “need to buy” list! LOL!!

  • Maria Simpson

    Thank you for all of the math game ideas in the 10 posts you wrote! I got several new ideas!

  • http://www.mama-jenn.blogspot.com/ Mama Jenn

    Yay for new ideas!!! Glad the posts were helpful to you!