March 8, 2012

Ii for Insect {MFW Kindergarten Printables}


As much as I love the hands-on activities and crafts in our My Father’s World Kindergarten Curriculum, I was not very good about doing the Words to Remember badges with my daughter. So, I came up with something a little different for the boys. I created printable  art/copywork pages for them to work on their penmanship while creatively depicting the Words to Remember.

 My Father's World Kindergarten Words to Remember Copywork: Ii for Insect

This is the Lesson 11: Ii for Insects page from one of my older boy’s kindergarten school year. They used their fingers to make ants, ladybugs, and bumble bees using to brown, yellow, and red paint. (Or, you could use a stamp pad with the required colors.) Simply dip your finger into the paint to make the body of the insects.

Ii for Insects: Fingerpainting Ants, Ladybugs, and Bees

Once the paint is dry, use a black pen or marker to add details. Super easy and lots of fun! This idea was inspired by Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book.

Visit the MFW Kindergarten Words to Remember blog post for information on downloading all of the Words to Remember copywork pages.

PLEASE NOTE: These copywork printables are only for students who are reading and writing easily. This type of copywork is not a regular part of My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum.

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