May 31, 2011

Our NEW Calendar Board


The kids and I have enjoyed using our calendar time. We are still using our calendar notebooks (I love that the notebooks provides individual calendar work for each of my kids), but I have changed our calendar board.  Honestly, I got tired of having to set out the “pouches” with all of the “pieces” from our old calendar board. So, I decided to do something about it!

Calendar Board

I LOVE our new calendar board set up!!! It is SO much better than what we had before! So, here is what the new board looks like:


{Click on the image above to see enlarged details!}

The main change with our NEW calendar board is that it is now made up of a bunch of “flip charts” on metal rings. So, I don’t have to keep up with anything because everything we need is right there on the board! No more missing pieces…no more having to remember to set the pouches out each night…etc.

Each day the kids still do their calendar notebooks and they take turns updating the calendar board. As opposed to me going over the calendar board, the person who updates the board also get to “teach” (i.e. go over the updates on the board.) As they go over the calendar board, the others follow along in their calendar notebooks. While I sit in on the kid’s teaching, I glance over their calendar notebooks.

Visit my Calendar Time webpage for details on how I made our new Calendar Board as well as explanations of how we use each of the parts. From the webpage you will also be able to download the printables that I made for the board. I have provided links to all of the printables that I used from external sites as well!

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  • A. Olinger

    The rings are ingenious! I skip calendar time at least half the time because I have to dig out all of the envelopes of different cards. I’m definitely going to try this! Thanks, Mama Jenn!

  • Mrs. Hewett

    This is awesome! Digging the pieces out every day was so frustrating to me too. I’m off to read about your new calendar setup – excellent solutions! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Carisa

    Oh Jenn, now I have to redo mine for a 3rd time. RINGS=awesome.

  • Julie

    Love this! My son will like the flip rings better than digging through pouches (plus my pouches are looking pretty ragged). Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Ticia

    Isn’t it funny how we’re constantly tinkering with stuff?

  • Jade =)

    Love! I am looking up ideas to create a board like this, and yours gave me great inspiration. I love the date at the top with the rings, and am soooo going to use your download. Thank you! I have been fumbling around with little individual numbers in a bag and it’s time consuming to hunt down the right one. The rings are brilliant, thank you!!! New follower for sure!

  • Lori

    I’m starting to homeschool in the fall and this is my favorite for calendar time, thank you for sharing your ideas!

  • Danae Farias

    I love this! Visiting your blog is always so invigorating & inspiring. I’ve been wanting to revamp our calendar time-I might have to borrow some ideas =)

    Danae@Believing Unbeliever

  • Jade =)

    Ok, had to share that I created mine a few days ago, heavily inspired by yours (and using your date printables and ring idea!) See it here: Thank you so much!

  • Monica

    Wow this is NICE.. thanks for sharing!

  • kamariden

    How do you keep your kids from playing with your calendar area between updates?

  • Mama Jenn


    Not sure why, but I have not had a problem with the kids playing with the calendar between updates. They usually don’t bother it at all.

  • kamariden

    How do you keep your kids from playing with your calendar area between updates?

  • Etta

    I’m new here, but I love the calendar notebook idea and would love to use it for my kids! Unfortunately, I can’t get any of the links to your documents at 4Shared to open. Help!

  • Mama Jenn

    I will be moving them off of 4shared and onto my website so that they can be accessed. I will make an announcement on Facebook once I am able to make the switch. I apologize for the inconvenience!

  • All of a Kind Family

    Thank you for sharing this! We made one a while back and have been enjoying it already during our first week of school. I just posted a link to it on my blog with a picture.

  • Mama Jenn

    Thanks Tamara! Headed over to check it out now! :-)

  • rachel

    I love your Calendar and am making notebooks for my girls. I thought of another one using a trading card page. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow with days of the week cards. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Mama Jenn

    Thanks so much! Great idea with the yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

  • Kamilah Sayyidi
  • Amanda

    This is brilliant! I have been collecting calendar board ideas and was about to go get the materials and start printing away. I never imagined the hassles associated with all those pieces. I’m SO glad I found this before went through that headache! Thank you for all you do in offering your advice, wisdom and printables. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!!!

  • Mama Jenn

    You are so welcome Amanda! :-)

  • Lena Wessel

    As a kindergarten teacher with lots to do and lots of little bodies to do it with, this idea is fabulous. I downloaded and made everything this weekend, and I can’t wait to see the kids’ response! They will love it. Thanks!!

  • Mama Jenn

    Great! So glad you will be able to used the calendar materials with your class!!!

  • claudia garcia

    Hello, I love your new Calendar! I have been looking for that Obedience Prayer and I can’t find it. I found the alphabet one but I love that one on yours. How can I download that one or is it that maybe they don’t have it anymore?

  • Mama Jenn

    Hi Claudia! You know, it wasn’t a direct download for the Obedience Prayer. I right-clicked it and saved the image on my computer. Then I printed it out. The image is from this Totally Tots post:

    Hopefully this will work for you!

  • MommySoup

    I’ve been looking at the professionally done “circle time” charts for a while now and couldn’t justify spending the $80 for one. You have officially saved me! I even have most of this stuff sitting around at home. Genius! Thank You!

  • Mama Jenn

    I’m all about saving some $$$! LOL!!! Glad I could help! :-)

  • BethanyJudge

    Where did you find the rings and hooks? I would LOVE to set this up!

  • Mama Jenn

    I think I got the hooks from the Dollar Tree and the rings from Michaels.
    ~ Jenn

  • Gretchen

    I love it. I just redid our’s with your’s as the inspiration. Thank you!

  • Jmulderink

    I love your calendar set up! I was going to use your printables to improve my calendar time, but I am having trouble getting the second page of the days in school pdf to print. All of the numbers print out, but not the page with the days in school chart. Would you possibly be able to send me this page via email? My email is if you can! Thank you, you are an inspiration!

  • Mama Jenn

    Thanks for letting me know about the file! I have re-uploaded it to the site and it should print fine now. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble with it.

  • Jmulderink

    It worked perfectly this time! Thank you again!

  • Mama Jenn

    Yay! You are most welcome!

  • Tchnnut

    Thanks so much for sharing! Just what I was looking for!

  • Jana

    Quick question…How do you use the state/color/shape flashcards? I’ve been searching your various calendar posts, but haven’t found the answer yet. :-)

  • Mama Jenn

    The shape and color flashcards were more for my little guys. They would select a color and a shape and then tell me various objects around the room that matched the shape or color. For the state flashcards, my older kids would locate it on the wall map and then tell me what they know about the state. Then we would read the facts on the flash card. Hope that helps!

  • Mama Jenn

    No prob!

  • verybusysupermumma

    Hi there, LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVVVVE your work!!!

  • Mama Jenn

    Awh, thanks so much!!!

  • Jen

    Thank you SO much for creating this and allowing us to print each part. I made a calendar board for my girls and it’s hanging in our homeschool room thanks to you. They love it! I used an old cork board I had instead of poster board. It turned out awesome. Thanks!

  • Mama Jenn

    So glad it’s working for you Jen! Using the cork board is a GREAT idea!!! I hadn’t thought of that!!!

  • Thi Nguyen

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, Jenn! I absolutely love how well organized and interactive it is! I just graduated and will be a first year Life Skills (Special Education) teacher in January 2013! Your calendar board will definitely help me to become a great educator to my classroom of students with special needs! Being able to print everything without having to resize or anything like that is such a time saver! Thank you for being such a blessings!

  • Mama Jenn

    You are so welcome! Glad you will be able to use the printables!

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