March 29, 2011

Brown Bag Bird Nest


When we were learning about birds and nests last year, we decided to made a nest…


…a more realistic one…unlike our yummy edible nests!  In order to make a more realistic nest, we read Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest by Irene Kelly to learn more about what different birds use to build their nests. After reading the book, we went on a little nature walk of sorts to gather supplies for our own bird nests. We  brought our materials inside and got to work…


To do this activity, you will need a brown paper lunch bag in addition to whatever you find in nature (twigs, leaves, dirt, grass…we cut some grass that we grew).

Directions: Scrunch and roll down the bag so that it is “nest-like.” Strategically add all of your nest materials into the bag. As an option, you could glue your materials into/onto the bag. Here are our nests!


We later added a few chocolate eggs into the nests…every nest needs eggs, right?!? However, my daughter decided that she wanted to add some plastic eggs to her nest…and that she needed to warm the the baby bluebird inside the eggs with a flashlight!


Looking for another nest/bird activity? Be sure to check out our yummy, edible nest with m&m’s for eggs!

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  • Julie

    Very cute…love it!

  • Susan Evans

    I love those nests. They’re simple and beautiful.

  • Susan Evans

    I love those nests. They’re simple and beautiful.

  • Julie

    Very cute…love it!

  • jerken ledern

    Infuse Class Action

    The actions complete a full circle, and this is what I mean by positive feedback of the five actions.