August 3, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday (Featuring the 3 Year Olds)


I know it has been awhile since I linked up to Tiny Talk Tuesday, but that does not mean that my kids have not had anything “interesting” to say. It just means that mama has not been doing a good job of documenting these precious little words that come out of their innocent little mouths! But, here are a few that I do remember, mostly said by my 3 year olds:

* Saying grace, JI (one of the 3 year olds) said, “Thank you for the food and the hands period!!” JJ (one of the 5 year olds) corrected him and said, “No, you are supposed to say thank you for the food and the hands that repaired it.” After cracking up we did let them know that the correct word is prepared!!!

 * All the kids have been taking swimming lessons. TJ (age 3) proudly announced, “I died in the water.” I am pretty sure he meant that he dived (dove) in the water!

* JI and TJ have started potty training and are doing great! However, TJ had a little accident and told me that he spilled his pee!

* JI got in trouble, got upset with me and said, “You made my feelings cry!” Believe it or not, he still says this and it has even rubbed off on his twin! Apparently I make their feelings cry quite often!  :-)

…the things kids say!!!


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  • Angelica

    Thanks for the laughs! I make a lot of feelings cry also!

  • MamaGames

    I love “you made my feelings cry!”

    Too cute. :)

  • Jenilee

    my abby is all about feelings to. she is always saying “you hurt my feelings” and what happened had nothing to do with feelings! lol

  • Terra

    Awww! I love the dinner prayer. I make my little one’s feelings cry too. When I raise my voice, my 3 year old says, “Momma, you’re too loud! You make heart stop!” LOL.

  • Annette W.

    Oh aren’t they funny!

    Today I finally visited you…have heard about you lots, I think from ABC and 123…and from Silly Eagle Books for a Christmas craft that I had bookmarked.

    Super blog!

  • Jolanthe

    Hmmm…bless the hands that repaired it, huh? That’s cute!

  • LaToya

    My oldest son tells me that I hurt his feelings all the time when I have to correct him. I usually tell him that he hurt mine when he decided to disobey.

  • Mary@notbefore7

    FABULOUS!!! My feelings sometimes cry too :)

    Love the hands that repaired it. We always say the same thing…if someone forgets, my Grandmom says, “The hands. The hands. Remember the hands.” :)

    Happy TTT!