November 13, 2009

Tot School~28 months {Tupperware, Boxes, & Pounds}

Tot School
~JI and TJ are 28 months~
This was a pretty laid back week for the little boys. They played with their magnetic animal book.
They helped Daddy organize the tupperware cabinet by matching lids with their containers.
They helped to put the matched tupperware into the cabinet.

They colored on a box from one of my monthly trips to Costco.

Once JI got tired of coloring on the box, he decided to sit on it and smash it a bit.

Finally, the practiced giving each other a pound…since they have obviously graduated from thumb pounds!

So, I don’t know if I would call it a “real” educational week for the babies, but at this age, isn’t life…itself…considered to be all about learning?!?!?! {smile}

Be sure to check out Tot School for more great toddler ideas as well as my other website for free online preK resources.

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  • Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    What?! Your husband wasn’t REALLY organizing the tupperware in your kitchen was he? If he was, can I give him my husband’s phone number and they can have a little talk? :) The “pound” picture is adorable… your little boys are so darn cute, every picture makes me smile!

  • Michelle

    I LOVE when our Tupperware cabinet gets organized…what a fun thing to do with the kids!!