November 1, 2009

Tot School~27 months: Art, Caterpillars & Random Kitchen Fun

Tot School
~JI and TJ are 27 months~

We are finally starting to get back on track. This week was quite an “artful” week for the little boys. They got to participate in some of the crafts that the older kids made…which they absolutely LOVED, especially JJ…since he things he is one of the big kids too! Here he is gluing tissue paper to his file folder to make a butterfly, just like big sis. He didn’t actually finish it, but he loved doing what the big kids were doing. They also got to paint, with real watercolors…for the very first time. I know, I know, I waited a long time to finally let them do it, but I did it and they loved it!
They loved it so much and did so well with it, that I let them paint caterpillars like KJ did for one of her many crafts this week. Check them out playing on the floor with their little caterpillars!They had some random fun in the kitchen. JJ wanted to sweep the floor, so I quickly agreed. I can’t turn down free help! {smile} Here is a pic I caught of him attempting to sweep the floor with the broom upside-down!
More random fun in the kitchen…one day I ran the dishwasher while they were downstairs and they were completely enthralled with it. I suppose they were trying to figure out where the water that they were hearing was coming from…who knows!?!?!
Finally, they had fun playing with their geoboards. This is always a big hit with them!
Be sure to check out Tot School for more great toddler ideas as well as my other website for free online preK resources.

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  • Michelle

    What a great week, I can’t wait to make geoboards for Emily!

  • Kysha

    Love the geo board idea! Thanks so much.

  • Susan

    Fun week! Their helping sweep and checking out the DW were so cute!

  • Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    Sweeping with the upside down broom is too cute! I love all the crafty stuff, and it looks like they had a lot of fun with the watercolors!