November 17, 2009

Raising Rock Stars: Building on the Rock

Raising Rock StarsThis week for our Bible lesson, we focused on Matthew 7:24-27 where the wise man builds his house on the rock. It went perfectly with KJ’s study this week on rocks (which I will post about at the end of the week.)

So, I began by reading the story and explaining that Jesus is like the rock and that when we listen and obey Him, it is like we are building our house (our life) on The Rock, Jesus Christ!

Totally making the connection, the kids began to remind me about the God Rocks episode where they talk about building on The Rock. They all belted out the lyrics to the song. I even chimed in with them! I couldn’t help it, I love God Rocks! We also sang the lyrics of the hymn “On Christ the solid Rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.”

So, to really hit home the idea of Christ being the Rock and to further illustrate Matt 7:24-27, we build a house on a rock and a house on the sand.

And we used a watering can to “rain” on the houses…

…and we watched the house built on the sand wash away, while the house on the rock stood strong!

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  • Becky @ Our Sweet Peas

    Love the object lesson. A good reminder. He is a strong foundation, the only foundation.

  • Loni

    What a great hands on illustration!

  • Ticia

    I love that illustration, that’s a much better way than how we did it in our Sunday school class.

  • care-in

    What a great illustration…looks like it worked perfectly!

  • Linda @ My Trendy Tykes

    I love it!

    We may do this one.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jenn…
    I really love your information…I just found it by accident…as I was searching for info on Wise/Fool men. I want to do the little experiment above as a visual in my Bible class tomorrow evening. I’ve tried it and my sand house doesn’t fall. How much sand do you have in the container and how many squares of popsicles did you use? Is it four and does that really matter. When I sprinkle water it just causes the sand to level out and the house remains like it was at the start…and that wont produce the desired effect–ha! Any suggestions?

  • Mama Jenn

    Hi “Anonymous”

    Thanks for stopping by! You know, I would make sure that the sand isn’t already leveled out when you start…you want it to be kinda like a sand mountain…coming to a semi point at the top. But, don’t use too much. Plus, when it “rained” I did made sure that it wasn’t just a sprinkle. I continued the rain til it started falling. So, make sure that your watering can is completely full!!! I think we ended up with a few inches of water in the container. I don’t think it really matters how many popsicle sticks you use. FYI, I did have to do a few test runs before hand to figure how what exactly I needed to do so that I would have the desired effect for the kids. :-) Hope that helps!!!

  • Teri Mote-Williams

    what did you use for the stone? It is so nice and flat :)

    • Mama Jenn

      Hi Teri!

      It was actually an old landscaping stone that I found in my yard.