November 14, 2009

Preschool Corner: Letter F


This week was a fun week for the big boys! We focused on the letter F. We cut out and glued pictures of things beginning with F onto our F collage and we practiced our F penmanship. We added both pages to their ABC books. We also read lots of books!

We had LOTS of fun with fruit and faces. The kids wanted to make these faces again, but I opted for fruit faces. Check out our creations!

We also made these OREO frogs. They were SOOOO cute and SOOOOO yummy!!! You can get instructions for making them here!

Our fun with food continued. I added in some foam footballs and started patterns for the boys. They used the footballs and fruit to complete the patterns.
….the fun with food continued….We also made the letter F using peanut butter dough. We made it using:

1 cup of creamy PB
2-3 tablespoons of honey
dry powdered milk

All you have to do is stir the ingredients together and add just enough powdered milk to make a pliable dough. Refrigerate for 2 hours and then have fun playing with it!
The boys also practiced making the letter F using some pegs that I got from the 99 Cents Store a long time ago. It was cute because they were trying to balance their F’s so that they would stand up on their own. I guess this would have been the time to talk about the gravity and the “magical” standing broom, but I forgot.
We also made these super cute footballs that I found on No Time for Flashcards. We opted to use paint and a homemade stamp to stamp the letter F all over the footballs before stuffing and adding the laces. Football is big in our house and we had SO much fun with these! The boys loved showing me their touchdown dances!Also from No Time for Flashcards, we made these super cute bandaid fireflies.
The boys also played with their Half to Whole Matching Fruit file folder game. We took the opportunity to talk about some of the fruits that we don’t get to eat regularly.

They also used their Seasons Matching file folder game. It was a great extension, because they have been talking alot about it being Fall. Plus, I have been in the process of trying to change out their wardrobes from spring/summer to fall/winter. I guess now, I can put them to work and let them help me! {smile} As for the file folder game, some of the items were questionable. So, I asked them to explain the rationale of their decisions.

We also talked a bit about firefighters and we talked about our trip to the fire station. The kids asked lots of questions and we reviewed the basics of what to do in the case of a fire. I reminded them of what the fire fighters looked like in their uniforms and masks and that they should NOT be scared of them and run away. It also got me to thinking about doing a lesson specifically on fire safety. Hmmm, I think I need to get to work! {smile}

Finally, we made these toilet paper tube race cars. It doesn’t really go with the F theme…unless you count the fact that we tried to race them really FAST! We we love about these is that they really do roll!!! You can see how we made them here.

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  • Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    Great letter F activities – I really like the patterning with actual things… I need to do that more with M!

  • Elise

    Letter F proved to be a lot of fun for all of you.

    I like the idea of using food to create art.

  • Raising a Happy Child

    Oh, I love those racing cars. I am so going to do them with my daughter. Thanks for sharing this idea and the rest of your week.

  • Jolanthe

    I thought I had commented on this earlier, but must not have!! Those fruit faces are TOO STINKIN CUTE!!! :) You did some great stuff this week too ~ and what boy wouldn’t be thrilled with food and footballs? :)