November 1, 2009

Preschool Corner: Letter E


We are starting to get back on track this week and it feels good to get into somewhat of a routine. We didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but it was a whole lot more than we did the last few weeks. So, I am pleased! Here are some of the highlights for the big boys! We were working with the letter E this week. So, they completed and added their E collages and our E penmanship worksheets to their Alphabet Book.

They played with their E file folder game, called Ears Hear. Basically, you put the cards with pictures of things you can hear on the left side and the cards with pictures of things you cannot hear on the right side. It was interesting to see where they put some of the cards. So, I made them explain their reasoning. This idea came from our Hands On Homeschooling curriculum.

I made a discovery with JJ. He does MUCH better writing his letters in our salt box than he does on paper. For some strange reason, I really just used the salt box for KJ when she was first learning cursive, but I now see that JJ can benefit greatly from it as well! Besides, he LOVES using it! (I plan on making a post about how we made ours.)

The boys also had a blast using an egg carton to sort buttons. They sorted by both color and by size. We talked about other ways that they could sort the buttons…plain buttons vs. “not plain buttons” and by the number of holes.

Going along with the ears theme, we talked about the fact that some people cannot hear and we practiced some sign language. KJ became the “lil teacher” as she worked with the boys on their sign language file folder game that I printed from File Folder Fun.

Extending on the ears theme, we played doctor. While leaving the hospital after my second surgery, I grabbed a few of the masks that they have at the hospital entrance. The kids LOVED using these as the doctored on each other. Of course we check the ears, but I also used the time to remind the kids about germs and how not to spread them!
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  • Jolanthe

    Oh – those ear activities are great!! I need to print off the sign language game too – I know the girls would love it!!

  • whisperingwhispers

    Glad to see you back on track. Your ear study looks so great! I like the way you tied in the sign language as well.

  • Ticia

    I’ve got my sign language game all printed out, just have to cut it out from the laminating.

  • Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    I like the salt box. I need to make something like that for M!

  • Raising a Happy Child

    I was happy to learn that your swollen lymph nodes tested benign even though you had to have a follow-up surgery. My daughter loves to play doctor, but I pray that she doesn’t have to have any hands-on experiences with illnesses and hospitals any time soon. The ear game looks like a lot of fun – what a great idea.

  • Jolanthe

    Oh – those ear activities are great!! I need to print off the sign language game too – I know the girls would love it!!