October 15, 2009

stART ~ Eency Weency Spider


We haven’t done much school the past few weeks because I have been in and out of surgery. But, we have managed to squeeze in a few fun crafts, like our other spider, our kangaroo pencil holders, and our stART project.

For our stART project this week, we read The Eency Weency Spiderand made bottle top spiders. My kids LOVE this book because it is musical and you can push a button and sing along as you read the book. It is about ten little spiders who creatively find ways to get up the waterspout.

So, we decided to make spiders. We used the following items to make our spiders: yarn, glue, googly eyes, and a snap bottle top. (These are the kind of tops you find on ketchup bottles that snap open and closed. Our tops came from our Agave Nectar bottles.)

Cut four pieces of yarn each about 6 inches long. Open the snap bottle top and center all four pieces of yarn inside. Snap the top closed so that the four pieces of yarn make 8 legs. Then, use glue to add on the googly eyes. And that is it!!!

We made some other spiders with pipecleaners. You can see them here. I love the idea of using pipecleaners for the legs, but the kids didn’t get to help that much with making the pipecleaner spiders because we had to use a hot glue gun. I wanted to use pipecleaners for these spiders (with the snap tops) but we could not get the tops to close with all the pipe cleaners in them…hence the yarn. However, both spiders have been a hit with the kiddos!! They have all been up and down and up and down the waterspout…many times!!! {smile}

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12594529717250616264 Susana

    I have never read this book, but would like to.

    LOVE your spiders. I have a spider craft we did to for tomorrow’s post:-).

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00132185749852282347 whisperingwhispers

    The spider turned out great! What a cute idea.