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October 27, 2009

"What Makes the Seasons?" by Megan Montague Cash

What Makes the Seasons?
by Megan Montague Cash
This is a great book about the weather and seasons. The rhyming story features a little girl who discovers how the weather changes through the different seasons. I wish we would have had this book when we learned about the seasons. I will definitely would have used it!
You can find this book and many others at:

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  • ILuvBNaMom

    I love that you have this category on your blog! I always make it a point to find “brown” books at the library. This will be a huge help! Thanks.

  • Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    Thanks for the recommendation, Jenn! (Good to see you back, btw… if you are back!) I’m going to see if our library has this one. Thanks!

  • Ticia

    I think I”ve seen that before, and do remember liking it.