September 13, 2009

Sunshine Snacks

The kids had so much fun making these!
All you need is an orange and some strawberries….…and some blueberries if you want to make a smiley sun!!! This would be a great letter “S” snack!!!

Be sure to check out Simply Made Sunday for more great ideas/recipes to make in the kitchen with your kiddos.


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  • Susana

    These are so cute! What a fun idea. We have been eating fruit like crazy and this would be so fun to make before we eat.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  • Heather – –


  • Our Little Family

    Oh, this is TOO cute!! My daughter, Maddie, would love to do something like this and she LOVES fruit. Thanks for sharing!

  • Holly

    This is great! We love playing with our food.

  • Ticia

    way too cute.

  • Angela

    This is so cute. My son is allergic to strawberries so we will have to replace them with something else. Once I find something that is as cute as these I will post pictures for all to see. Thank you for the idea!

  • sippy cup mom

    just linked you, thanks, Karen

  • O Cyn

    Thanks for sharing! It was “S” week for snack in pre-k so we made SUNSHINE!