September 8, 2009

Good News/Bad News & "That’s What Familes Do"


I was busy working in the kitchen early one morning last week and JJ came downstairs and made an announcement:

JJ: I have good news and bad news.

Looking down at his PJ pants, I immediately forgot about his announcement and the conversation continued like this…

Me: Your pants are all wet!!!!

JJ: Well, mom, that’s the bad news…but the good news is that they are only a little wet! (Oh, how thoughtful, he only wet his pants a little! I still had to change the sheets on the top bunk of their beds, which is NOT easy to do!!!)


I was trying to get dinner ready and TJ was having a little melt down. KJ went over to him and started playing with him in attempts to calm him down. She proudly looked over to her other brothers and said, “I helping mommy. That’s what families do, they help each other. I am helping mommy by aggravating TJ.” {I think she meant entertaining…}

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  • Mary@notbefore7

    LOL…aggravating a sibling – always helpful…HAHAHAHA! I love word mix ups. They are my favorite!

    Happy TTT!

  • Ticia

    That reminds me of Superman coming downstairs and telling me his diaper was dry in the morning. I looked at it and said it’s wet, his response, “it’s only wet in front.”

  • AnnG

    No, my guess is she said exactly what she meant! Siblings love aggravating each other….even when they are 13 years apart in age!
    Love that good news/bad news! Trying to make it “not so bad”!

  • Helene

    This post is hysterical! Aren’t kids hilarious??!! I totally love the comment your daughter made about aggravating the other one…SO funny!