September 15, 2009

Anatomy According to KJ


WARNING: Graphic material as observed by a 5 year old!!!
KJ made some interesting observations this week that you might get a kick out of…

First, I was changing JI’s diaper and KJ was busy talking. Then she got quiet and just watched me and eventually said…

KJ: Mom, when the babies were born did they have a penis?

Me: Well, yes.

KJ: Are you sure, because I don’t remember seeing it when they were really little.

Me: Yes, KJ, they had a penis when they were first born. What did you think they had?

KJ: I don’t know, I thought their penis just grew on them as they got older. I thought they looked like me when they were babies.


The kids were busy helping me make juice with our juicer. Then KJ had an ephiphany…

KJ: Hey mom, this juicer is like our body. The top part is like our mouth and our teeth…it chops up the food. The front part where the juice comes out is like when we pee and the part that comes out the back is like when we poop.

Looks like it is time for some more extensive anatomy lessons, huh?!?!? {smile}

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  • care-in

    Those are great…she’s definitely thinking!


    What a hoot!!! My girls don’t understand why they aren’t like their brother.

  • Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    That is too funny – and so cute!