May 1, 2009



Last week we went a horse stable with our homeschool group. The kids were very excited about going, but I was apprehensive about how they were going to react once we got there. Well, they really surprised me at how comfortable they seemed to be with the horses. They must have gotten that from their dad, because he LOVES horses. I was just so amazed because they touched many of the horses and wanted to know their names. They asked a bunch of questions and were VERY engaged! Isn’t that what learning is supposed to be about!?!?!!? :-) It was awesome! Towards the end of the tour, the kids noticed the tour guides boots. She explained how the spurs are used to steer and guide the horses. KJ was intrigued with the whole idea, but the boys were interested in spinning the spurs on her boot! On the way home I reminded the kids to tell Daddy all about the horses, because he likes them alot. Well, they decided that they were going to buy a horse for him for his birthday. I tried to tell them that it would cost alot of money, but to a child money is not an issue! Gotta love it!!!

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